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A Little About Keystone
     Keystone is a quaint town in the Black Hills of South Dakota with a population of 240 year-round residents. The elevation is 4,331 ft (1320 M).
     Our town has a rich and interesting history. Keystone’s origins can be traced back to 1883, when it was founded as a mining settlement. Keystone became one of the richest gold-mining areas in the Black Hills, but like many settlements, struggled when mining became less profitable. It was sustained by logging for a time and eventually revived in 1924 when the carving of Mount Rushmore commenced. It took until 1941 to complete Mount Rushmore. Keystone was known as the “Home of the Carvers”, as most workers on the monument lived in Keystone during construction.
     Keystone is no stranger to trials. A few large fires at the turn of the century wiped out some of the original downtown businesses, but they always managed to rebuild. The largest trial was yet to come. Keystone was heavily damaged in the Black Hills Flood of June 9, 1972. The small mining settlement officially became a town June 8, 1972, the day before the flood, and the people of the community rebuilt Keystone again. It is now a resort town playing host to the millions of visitors from every state in this country as well as many other countries, who come to see Mount Rushmore National Memorial. But people come to Keystone for more than just those famous faces carved in granite. It is the ideal destination vacation spot. People of all ages: couples, singles, friend groups and families will find enjoyment here.
     With Keystone being surrounded by the Black Hills National Forest you will find fishing, hiking, biking, rock climbing/repelling, sightseeing and plenty of photo-ops for the photographer just outside the city limits.
     The beauty of the Black Hills is often enough for some visitors but if not, Keystone accommodates. There is old Keystone which is the original gold mining area, hosting a historical walking tour and then the newer part of Keystone which has many additional activities. We have three museums, seven family attractions and UTV rentals for exploring the Black Hills. If you like to shop, we have you covered with over twenty gift/art/souvenir shops, clothing shops and several old-time photo shops to get that unique, old fashion, keepsake photo.  For food and drink we have over twenty choices of restaurants and treat shops, three bars/lounges, a small grocery store with gas and a convenient store with gas.  We offer over twenty choices of lodging from motels, inns, lodges, cabins, camping and nightly vacation rentals to choose from. And because we have all our bases covered, we also have Sunday services at our two churches.
     Keystone has had some famous residents such as: Carrie Ingalls from “Little House on the Prairie” fame, Bobby Buntrock who was a child actor on the 1960's TV series “Hazel”, Paha Ska (Orville Francis Salway) who is famous for his paintings on buffalo hides, Harry Hardin who was the face of Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold “Old Prospector”, as well as all the carvers of Mount Rushmore and their families. Sadly, we lost our last carver in 2019. Nick Clifford passed away peaceful at the age of 98.
     Please plan to spend a few days with us and our town to take it all in. You will be glad you did. 
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Water/Sewer payment is due by 3:00 pm on the 30th of each month except February. Bills are due by 3:00 pm on the 28th of February.



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Telephone/Internet Provider: Mt Rushmore Telephone Co 

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